Red Wagon Street & Homeless Ministry Outreach

We want to welcome you to our ministry web site. It is a blessing for us to present this site with the care 
and concern that the Lord has enabled us to do thru His Holy Spirit. These people; hidden widows, older orphans, prisoners and ex-cons, strangers, poor men, women and children are in bondage to their circumstances. Many broken and lost are wasted by the self reproach, society and the enemy. 
Usually, thru drugs, alcohol and a host of other abuses. Lives here are thrown away to the streets, where despair and hopelessness reside and the poor in spirit give up. The Red Wagon steps out by faith to share the Gospel of Hope. We are a Street and Homeless Ministry Outreach but also a Prayer ministry who shares our christian love, deep concerns and prayers for the plight of our very close community’s Mission field; 
in our own backyard of Orange County, California. 
You see these people at a glimpse on a corner with a cardboard sign asking for money, food, help. 
We are a serving ministry to their needs but first of all we share the Gospel of Hope then follow it up with 
prayer and direction on where they may go. These lost are the like the poor man Lazarus, lost sinners, 
widows, orphans, tax collectors, thieves and homeless in Jesus’ day. They found no hope from the religious elite of their day because they were condemned, judged and received no mercy or grace. There was no 
one to share the gospel of hope until Jesus came and brought them His hope, salvation and healing. 
A light in a dark place, He was the Word. In today’s economic crisis we are seeing even more poor people being brought to the streets, from the wheels of greed, avarice and profit throughout this nation 
we are seeing a breaking nation.
As never before we are praying for and ministering to the extra community that is moving to our neighborhood streets who have moved from their homes throughout this weakening great nation. It is not just our neighborhood but throughout the world. Time is short and we are aware of the urgency of serving, watching and overcoming; for our Lord is coming soon.

You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that 
your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you. John 15:16

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